August 01, 2014
Strunk Accounting Fundamentals Series

Arthur E. Strunk Accounting Fundamentals Series

Arthur E. Strunk was a 1957 graduate of the Walsh Institute, a top executive with Masco, and a Trustee of Walsh College.  The Strunk Foundation established an endowment in his memory through the Walsh College Foundation in 2005.

The endowment will fund a four-session, non-credit course to help students understand accounting concepts and maximize their success in both their accounting course work and their business careers.

The course is open to anyone interested in accounting.  It is designed for those who have struggled to learn accounting, those planning to enroll in a fundamental accounting course, or those needing a fundamental or financial accounting refresher.  It is especially helpful to current students enrolled in ACC301/501, ACC300/500 & MBA500.

Topics covered include transaction analysis, debits and credits, trial balances, adjusting entries, financial statements, and error analysis.

Cost: NOTHING; this course is free to all attendees

Taught by Walsh professors;
   Ken Gleason, Lead Accounting Tutor
   Joe Lipiec, Adjunct Instructor
   Agnes Postma, Adjunct Instructor
   Punita Sura, Adjunct Instructor


  • It was a fabulous class and it also introduced many of the instructors of the accounting department.
  • Very informative and enjoyable.  Thank you for the opportunity!
  • Please continue to provide this type of session to help non-accounting students understand the basic rules prior to taking any courses.
  • The instructors were very good, they explained everything properly and clearly.  I learned a lot.
  • All the instructors were awesome.
  • Course was wonderful and very educational.  A very good experience was had by me.
  • Course was very helpful.  Went at a good pace.
  • A "BIG" thank you to the Strunk family and to those instructors leading the sessions. 

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